Alegna Wooden Bathtubs and Sinks

Many years of experience in yacht building and the processing of high-quality woods as well as in the use of the most modern composite materials makes it possible for Alegna to produce wonderful wooden bathtubs of perfect quality. 

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Laguna range of bathtubs, one can enjoy a relaxing bath alone or in company. The highly resistant special varnish has been tested under the hardest conditions. It guarantees optimal protection and ensures that the wooden bathtub will have a very long service life. As a result of the modular form of construction, our wooden bathtubs can be supplied in different forms of execution. Thus, they can be supplied as fully equipped jacuzzi and can – if the customer so desires – be installed direct in a bathroom or yacht. The use of wood as natural material in combination with our know-how from modern yacht building makes it possible for us to produce for you your personalized bathtub.



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