The All-New Crypteks USB Drive

Secure your digital life in style with the Crypteks USB™. Featuring 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption and a Customizable Lock.



ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava

If you live in a cold weather climate or ski/snowboard a lot you understand how frozen your face can get. Regular balaclavas are fine for the most part but do hinder you from breathing properly and build up with moisture and frost by your mouth. This new design will not only make you look like a ninja, but also make it easier for you to breather while keeping your face warm. I will be testing this product this winter, so come back for the observations.


Tuff Writer Tactical Pens


Length: 5.75 inches
Thickness: 0.5 Inches
Weight: 2.25 oz.
Color: Raw Satin / Blasted Titanium
Material: Ti-6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium
Clip: Cold Pressed Spring Steel with black textured powder-coat finish
Finish: Hand Blasted
Fittings: Hardened black-oxide steel bolts and chemical welding 

From Marines hunting terrorists in burning deserts, SAR expeditions in bone chilling mountains, SWAT officers executing high risk warrant service, EMTs functioning in extreme conditions, or a civilian working in a non-permissive environment. All of these special operations groups have something in common – they all require a pen that they can depend on.

Here is a pen that is heavy duty enough to save our life.


The Nest learning thermostat. Wow!

Well needless to say I will be getting one once they’re available again. This thing looks super cool, has some amazing features and looks easy to use.

It is hard to describe it better than their website so here is a link to how exactly it works –