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Bushnell Backtrack GPS

Bushnell advertises this device with three easy steps: Mark it – Go anywhere – Get back. I have to say that it really is as easy to use as it sounds. It comes in handy both in urban environments such as parking lots, malls and parks, and outdoors. Sure, you can take a regular GPS with you, mark the position and go about your business, but this device makes it a lot easier, plus it’s smaller, the battery lasts longer and at only $60 for the original how can you go wrong?!?!

Your wife/girlfriend will never lose her car again!

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Bushnell GPS

Pentax Optio W90 – Long Term Review

I purchased the Pentax Optio W90 because I wanted something rugged, waterproof, cold proof and shock resistant for the hiking, camping, skiing and water related trips I take.

Here are my current findings:


Picture Quality

The picture quality is not the greatest, but the camera has many settings that I found very useful. The panoramic mode is great. It lets me take 3 photos side to side and keep the previous photo’s edge ghosted so I can easily line up the shots. Once all 3 photos are taken it automatically combines them. Here is a tip – make sure that everything is stationary as you’re shooting the 3 photos, because it might get confused when merging them together. You will end up with “ghosts” in your photos. Another nifty feature is the micro scope photo setting. It lets me take photos super close and uses led’s for light instead of the flash.

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